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Our strategy is to engage in quality research that has the potentials to solve industry problems, delivering value to academic and business communities, and shape the future of BI/ERP.

Our strategy is implemented through projects and following is a brief description of our current project portfolio.


  • Next generation ERP systems: this project aims at studying the shape and scope of the next generation ERP systems how they look like, what extra modules would be inherited within, their analytical power, their power to enable organizational transformation, their social-networks relationship, their cloud-capability, etc.
  • Integration of Enterprise systems: the objective of this project is to explain from a technical and a process lens how enterprise systems are integrated and what kind of value this integration brings to the organizations.
  • Enterprise Information Portals (EIP): EIP have become a core part in sharing information internally and externally in many organizations. The objective of this project is to identify the success factors of EIP and consequently developing a framework of how organizations best utilize and optimize them.
  • Cloud computing potentials in BI/ERP: with the many expectations that cloud computing will be a leading technology in the next 5-10 years of course it is very important to study its impact on both BI/ERP in terms of opportunities it brings and challenges it imposes and this is what the project is trying to investigate.
  • Social Network analysis: with the unprecedented success of social networks a lot of business models have emerged to enable organizations to benefit from its information. This calls for intelligence techniques and platforms which have the potentials to analyze social networks interaction and make sound decisions. The project aims at providing the BI platform to analyze social networks to knowledge sharing and/or facilitate innovation.
  • Trajectory data mining: With the wide availability of satellite, RFID, GPS, sensor, wireless, and video technologies, moving-object data has been collected in massive scale and is becoming increasingly rich, complex, and ubiquitous. So the objective of the project is to provide techniques that are able to understand and analyze moving-object information; and thus being able to making decisions.
  • Change mining: the focus of the project is to understand the changes that occur to the data. Data mining has traditionally focused on the analysis of static world, in which data instances are collected and analyzed to come up with models and make decisions based on them. The challenge here is not in analyzing the data and understands why and how they change, but to analyze how to model changes and predict when they will change.

Project setup

Every project has a setup of: dedicated hardware from the research lab, a project director who is usually a GUC IS professor, a research assistant who is normally a GUC student (or group when needed), in addition to a beneficiary which is usually a vendor or a business. In some occasions, it is possible to have one or more project team members from one of our German partner universities e.g. Stuttgart, Ulm, Mannheim. The project is funded by the beneficiary for a certain timeframe which usually ranges from 6 to 36 months.

Project outcome

Depending on the type and objectives of the project outcomes might vary. Usually project outcomes are: research publications, data model, an algorithm, a prototype, a framework, or a combination.

Lab infrastructure

The research lab is located at room B5.305 at GUC campus in Altagamoa Alkhames 11835, New Cairo, Egypt. The lab is equipped with 5 networked PC’s and 3 dedicated-to-research IBM x-series servers. The Lab is also equipped with a network printing facility and dedicated internet bandwidth. Of course more infrastructure elements could be added when needed.

Contact us

For further information please contact

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Elragal
Associate Professor of Information Systems, GUC
E-Mail: ahmed.elragal@guc.edu.eg
Web: http://is.guc.edu.eg/faculty.html#ragal

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